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Project Details
Oasis is a Non-Profit organization whose roots (and major branding) are in the UK. Our job was to give them a more significant presence in the States by reinforcing their brand and creating excitement about all the projects they have going. Their CMS is extremely robust, and used by their entire team to add new store items, projects, events, etc. Work: Design, Development, Marketing
"180bydesign has revolutionized our presence on the web. The team was great to work with and I highly recommend them."

~ Paul Hong-Lange,
Executive Director, Oasis USA
OasisUSA OasisUSA OasisUSA
Pink Lotus Pink Lotus
Green Dragon Green Dragon
Ogilvie Institute Ogilvie Institute
C&C Signs C&C Signs
William Carey International University William Carey International University
Demos Guitars Demos Guitars
Julie Ann Smith, Harpist Julie Ann Smith, Harpist
Will Keeler Photography Will Keeler Photography
Cuda Pro Cuda Pro
DotNet Internals DotNet Internals
Snapflow Snapflow
Electra Worldwide Electra Worldwide
HAI Bike Shop HAI Bike Shop
Flying A Media Flying A Media
OasisUSA OasisUSA
Shop Walk This Way Shop Walk This Way
Jones Coffee Roasters Jones Coffee Roasters
Ghana Globe Ghana Globe
Reserve Land Inc. Reserve Land Inc.
Prestel Interiors Prestel Interiors
SwiftLA SwiftLA
Hafele Design & Construction Hafele Design & Construction
Happy The Dog Happy The Dog