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180 is focusing on two under-the-radar projects. In the meantime, please take advantage of the talented people below!

Recommended Web Resources

Note: in order of proximity to Jones Coffee in Pasadena. Obviously that is important, right?

Ben Dooling

A designer who lives in Pasadena. He has a lot of packaging, branding, and web experience and to network with as he's also doing EE & WP small-biz sites.

Michael Gilley

An amazing front-end developer who has helped build a lot of 180's portfolio.

Luke Gschwend

A talented developer & full-service provider who lives in Burbank and (amongst other specialties) is great a adwords management & anything analytics. A great go-to for any web project.

Jenelle D'Allesandro

Jenelle is an inspiring communicator. She writes, edits, markets, and helps brands comunicate their value better. You probably should just hire her no matter what you need.

Will Keeler

The art of photography is being defined each time Will starts to shoot. Highly recommended for all commercial work involving people.

Stephen Callender

A former LA resident, Stephen lives out-of-country now but still does lots of work in the area. He is an extremely dependable developer who offers full service work (project-by-project or monthly based):

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